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This Blog Will Change Your Life is thrilled to announce the launch of a new This Podcast Will Change Your Life production: UPSTATE: The Podcast.

UPSTATE: The Podcast will debut on Thursday, October 6th and run every Thursday thereafter, God willing, until completion.

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It started as it always does. Well, always might be a little strong. In 2021 I was pitching my somewhat recently re-released short story collection UPSTATE to a quite excellent producer with the idea that it might be optioned for the creation of a serialized podcast, which might in turn be sold to a platform such as Spotify, which might be further optioned by a streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime and become a television series. Which...didn't happen when the producer passed. Was I discouraged, yes, totally, and was I also inspired, yes, totally. I thought, do I need a producer to serialize UPSTATE, could I not do that myself? I could. I could record myself reading the stories. I could produce a podcast. Post it. Promote it. Make it real. Or...I could do most of that and instead of recording the stories myself, I could reach out to some of the friends, family, writers and publishers I love and interacted with throughout my writing life and ask them to record the stories. Which I did. I reached out, cajoled, flattered, pursued and ultimately gathered recordings of every story in the collection, which I now intend to share with you, one episode per week, starting on Thursday, October 6th, and running every Thursday thereafter, God willing, until completion. The episodes will be posted here on the blog and available wherever podcasts are found. I will also post the link for each new episode as they happen below, in order, and gloriously at that. If you want to discuss this project with me or promote it, which would be warmly embraced, please let me know and we'll do that. Post haste. Otherwise, it's been quite a lot of fun looking to make this happen and's really, actually, happening.

UPSTATE: The Podcast

Repetition Patterns

Chapter One - Repetition Patterns read by Judy Tanzer

Chapter Two - The Babysitter read by Cyn Vargas

Chapter Three - The Gift read by Serena Makofsky

Chapter Four - What We Thought We Knew read by Tom Williams

Chapter Five - Change of Plans read by Christopher Bowen

Chapter Six - Pac-Man Fever read by Mark R. Brand

Chapter Seven - Life As He Had Known It read by Alice Kaltman

Chapter Eight - Shooting Stick read by Hosho McCreesh


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