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This Podcast Will Change Your Life presents UPSTATE: The Podcast | Chapter Twenty - Barely Breathing.

Barely Breathing is read by Tim Walikis.

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Barely Breathing is read by Tim Walikis (BIO below).

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INTRO/OUTRO music is Drinking of Me and was generously provided by Monkey Wrench.

Tim Walikis aka [OMIT], Timo, Slick Wilson, etc…is an artist, sculptor, musician, and Art Dept. Scenic artist for films. Member of local 829. He has exhibited his art in New York and California. Tim has played guitar bass and sang in multiple bands in New York and California. He has been in the Buffalo band Monkey Wrench since 1989. Tim is from Upstate NY, but has lived in San Diego, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe and Buffalo.

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