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This Podcast Will Change Your Life presents: UPSTATE: The Podcast | Chapter Thirteen - Panties.

Panties is read by Debra Pritzker Tanzer.

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Panties is read by Debra Pritzker Tanzer (BIO below).

INTRO/OUTRO music is Drinking of Me and was generously provided by Monkey Wrench.

Debra Pritzker Tanzer worked in advertising for 20+ years in New York and Chicago and has been married to the author for much longer than that. She somewhat grudgingly agreed to read this story, and is bemused by the author's claims that it was inspired by a date they went on to the long demolished Airport Drive-In in Johnson City, NY way back in the 1980s.

For further details (and future + past episodes) please visit the UPSTATE: The Podcast launch page.

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