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This Podcast Will Change Your Life presents UPSTATE: The Podcast | Chapter Twenty-Three - The Runner.

The Runner is read by Ray Charbonneau.

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The Runner is read by Ray Charbonneau (BIO below).

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INTRO/OUTRO music is Drinking of Me and was generously provided by Monkey Wrench.

Ray Charbonneau is the author of a number of books on running. That number is currently five. His work has appeared in the Boston Globe, the Christian Science Monitor, Marathon & Beyond, and other publications. He's also the host of Tardis Jukebox on WMFO-FM, a show that's been called "the best hour of radio in the Boston area." Ray has run more than thirty marathons and ultramarathons, including one and a half 100 mile races, without winning a single one. But there's always tomorrow.

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