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Please file under This Blog Will Change Your Life presents UPSTATE: The Podcast...a much belated wrap up & thank you.

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No, I don't know where the summer went, nor how I failed to provide a proper wrap up for UPSTATE: The Podcast. However, this is what I can, and will, tell you now though:

  • There are 31 chapters of UPSTATE: The Podcast - all of which can be listened to here.
  • There are 31 different readers, they're sublime, and include so many people I love: Judy Tanzer, Cyn Vargas, Serena Makofsky, Tom Williams, Christopher Bowen, Mark R. Brand, Alice Kaltman, Hosho McCreesh, Donald Quist, Seth Berg, David Masciotra, Patrick Wensink, Debra Pritzker Tanzer, Giano Cromley, Joseph G. Peterson, Glen Binger, Ryan W. Bradley, Leland Cheuk, Leesa Cross-Smith, Tim Walikis, Barry Graham, Gerald Brennan, Ray Charbonneau, Pete Anderson, Robert James Russell, Adam Lawrence, Christian Winn, Mallory Smart, Dr. Mike McClelland, Paula Bomer, Mike Smolarek, Clayton Smith, Sara Lippmann.
  • And there have been 10,542 total downloads of UPSTATE: The far.

I want to thank all those who participated, Monkey Wrench for providing Drinking of Me - the intro/outro music, and everyone who's listened. I'm truly grateful and if anyone has any questions or ideas for future serialized podcasts, or any projects at all, especially those that pay well-and often, please give me a shout. Who knows, doing so just might change your life-and mine.