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A SMOL Fair Celebration for the Release of The Definition of Empty!

· Bill ONeill,SMOL Fair,Poetry,Hosho McCreesh,Seth Berg
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Whereas I previously shared with you that I would be moderating two panels at the SMOL Fair under the banner of HEFT Creative Strategies (What now? Authors discuss their debuts +
Fresh Takes: A Discussion of Horror and Fantasy and the State of the World), and a lot more on that here, I'm now excited to let you know that we will also be celebrating the release of The Definition of Empty by NM Senator Bill O'Neill tomorrow, Saturday, at 7 PM EST, with a most stellar line-up indeed. Much more about that here and below. And do join us, yes? Totally.

A Celebration for the Release of The Definition of Empty!
Day & Time: Saturday, 7:00 PM


The Definition of Empty is the new poetry collection by acclaimed author and New Mexico State Senator Bill O’Neill. Please join us to celebrate its release with readings by Senator O’Neill, as well as celebrated poets Hosho McCreesh/TRAPPED IN EXPENSIVE HOTELS OVERRUN BY GERMAN TOURISTS, Laura Cherry/Haunts, Greg Santos/Ghost Face and Seth Berg/Lost in Bonkerville: Coma Recollections.

The Definition of Empty is the story of a dedicated advocate trying to help adolescents facing incarceration and newly released parolees navigate imperfect and seemingly indifferent legal systems and societies. Told from the point of view of a public servant trying his best to work with people at various levels of brokenness, these poems are compassionate, heartbreaking, and even sometimes brutal while the voice is gentle, outraged, and naïve in turns. With this collection O’Neill insists that readers bear witness to the struggles of disenfranchised people they might otherwise ignore.

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