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In which I review Promising Young Woman at LitReactor.

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The title of the piece is "On Revenge Fantasies, Male Toxicity and Promising Young Woman," it can be read here, and it seeks to suggest that the whole project that is Promising Young Woman demands actions that call for nothing less than cultural transformation. Please let me know if you agree and please do check-out some excerpt below.

"There are the bright gaudy colors. Costumes. Pop music, especially, though not limited to "Toxic" by Britney Spears. And to say that the experience of watching Promising Young Woman is similar to that of getting on a twisty, amusement park ride is not a stretch.

"Nor is it an injustice to say that Promising Young Woman utilizes all of these tools to hook the viewer into watching a fantastical story of revenge. It is a revenge fantasy and we do get hooked as we watch it. It's just that Promising Young Woman is also more than that, because in its deconstruction of what we know about revenge fantasies it urgently seeks to say something about the current state of the world.

"To be clear, and yes, spoilers are forthcoming, Cassandra, Carey Mulligan's protagonist, is bent on revenge. The question is what we as viewers are to make of her actions as they unspool before us?"