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This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode Two Hundred and Forty-Five - Reconciliation, starring NM Senator Bill O'Neill.

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There is new This Podcast Will Change Your Life. There is also NM Senator Bill O'Neill. Not to mention being a prodigal son, E.L. Doctorow and knowing once you have that first sentence you got it, claiming the space to write, hopping freight trains and the recent release of The Definition of Empty (among other work). So, please do This Podcast Will Change Your Life, because it will most definitely do that.

Also, as motivated, most definitely check-out the last episode: This Podcast Will Change Your Life, A SMOL Fair 2021 Special Episode - What Now? Authors Discuss Their Debuts, starring the Nancy Laird Young, Barbara Newman, Marc Sheinbaum & Sarina Prabasi.

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