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This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode Two Hundred and Twenty-Two - A Celebration, starring the Hosho McCreesh and the Brian McGettrick.

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Yo, there is new This Podcast Will Change Your Life, and there is also long-time friend of the blog Hosho McCreesh (and new friend Brian McGettrick), as well as A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst - Unabridged Audio and The Cheap Jack Stadium Tour - May 2020, which you may be attending now, plus small presses far and wide, The Guerrilla Poetics Project, Orange Alert, sunnyoutside, and the quite sublime David McNamara, driving to get to something else, searching for love, and ultimately finding it, drinking, death, loss, redemption, community, Charles Bukowski, and a cast of thousands, including friends, family and authors, so many authors, William Boyle, Ryan W. Bradley, Willy Vlautin, Rebecca Schumedja, and much, much more. So, please do This Podcast Will Change Your Life, because it will most definitely do that.

Also, as motivated, most definitely check-out the last episode: This Podcast Will Change Your Life,  Episode Two Hundred and Twenty-One - Write What You Want, starring the Kurt Baumeister.