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This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode Two Hundred and Seventy-Six - Children Of The Shtetl, starring the Matthew Specktor.

(Photo Credit: Julie Patterson)

· Podcast,Matthew Specktor,Lee Matthew Goldberg,Eve Babitz,Joan Didion


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There is new This Podcast Will Change Your Life. There is also the Matthew Specktor. Not to mention the many things that can stop a writer in their tracks, movies as lingua franca, not knowing how people will respond to your work, Always Crashing in the Same Car, Los Angeles and talking Didion and Babitz just weeks before their deaths. So, please do This Podcast Will Change Your Life, because it will most definitely do that.

Also, as motivated, most definitely check-out the last episode: This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode Two Hundred and Seventy-Five - Filmic, starring the Lee Matthew Goldberg.