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This Podcast Will Change Your Life is special AWP 2024 episode (or Episode Three Hundred and Twenty-Six for those counting at home) - A Handful Of Sand, starring the John Reed.

· John Reed,The Never End,Podcast,Lisa Niver,AWP 2024
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This special AWP 2024 episode of This Podcast Will Change Your Life stars John Reed (The Never End, Snowball's Chance, Tales of Woe, and many more). It was recorded in-person at AWP 2024 in Kansas City, MO in February, wait for it...2024. You can listen to this episode here, or below, either is totally cool with me.

Also, as motivated, most definitely check-out our previous episode: This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode Three Hundred and Twenty-Five - You Never Know, starring the Lisa Niver.