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This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode Two Hundred and Thirty-Nine - Dissident, starring the David Masciotra.

· David Masciotra,They Call Us,Podcast,I Am Somebody,Jesse Jackson
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There is new This Podcast Will Change Your Life. There is also the David Masciotra. Not to mention Walt Whitman, voter suppression and voters rights, the abandonment of the blue collar worker, I Am Somebody: Why Jesse Jackson Matters, how Jackson's success made him a liability and the idea that everyone has equal value and somebodyness. So, please do This Podcast Will Change Your Life, because it will most definitely do that.


Also, as motivated, most definitely check-out the last episode: This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Year-End BONUS Episode (though it's also Episode Two Hundred and Thirty-Eight for record keeping purposes) - It's Not Just You, starring the Kailah "KP" Peters and Meg Harris of They Call Us Feminist Literary Magazine.