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This thing I wrote, "What is your Why? Ruminations on Nurturing Spirit and The Cycle of Transformation," is live on The Montana Institute blog and quite glorious at that.

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Quite true that is. Now please do enjoy the post here and please let me know what you think. Also, if there is something you might want me to write about or present on for you please let me know. All that, and please enjoy some excerpt below as well. Cool? Cool.

"What's important to you and what is your why?

"This is what I think about when I think about Spirit.

"But first a story.

"I was co-presenting a workshop on messaging around child abuse prevention. The energy was good, the flow was good and my co-presenter and I were on. A participant raised her hand. I stopped talking, I asked her what her question was, she responded, I started to respond, she became overwhelmed and I had an AH-hah moment: the participant’s Spirit was not being tended to or nurtured, not on her job, and definitely not by me or my co-presenter.

"At the time, I was still new to the work of The Montana Institute. But if I knew more, we might have structured the session with a focus on the cycle of transformation: Spirit First…Then Science…To Lead Action...For Desire Returns.

"I would have also known (to quote TMI) that the:

"Four essential stages – Spirit, Science, Action, and Return – make up the transformational process of the Science of the Positive. These stages, when fully engaged, work together to create a synergistic cycle of positive transformation.

"But I didn’t yet know much about this."