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The Missing is Book Notes playlist—and many thanks to the Largehearted Boy (and Myles & Noah too) for that.

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It's true, The Missing is Book Notes playlist at the Largehearted Boy, and it's as cool as it ever was. You can check out the full post here and get a sneak preview below as well. Cool? Indeed.


"I’m here today because my book The Missing is out in the world. It’s the story of a married couple whose teenage daughter has run away with her older, but not criminally older boyfriend, and doesn’t want to be found, or contacted. She wants to be gone from their lives. She wants to be missing. She’s become a ghost and the story is focused not on her, but on her parents and how they try to cope and make sense of where they find themselves. This is challenging for them for many reasons, not the least of which is because of the many things missing from the protagonists lives – healthy coping skills among them. I don’t personally know much about finding oneself in such a situation, but I do know fear and confusion and being in a long term relationship. I also know my children – Myles and Noah, aren’t missing. They’re not necessarily right here, one’s in college and the other is all over the place, but that’s different.

"I thought though, what if I ask them their thoughts on this playlist. Unlike the daughter in The Missing I can ask Myles and Noah for their recommendations and they’ll respond to my texts. Mostly. And either way, with enough pushing, they’ll have thoughts on music, and the music they associate with me. They love music. We talk about it all the time. One reason I can write about my fears at all is because I lead a boring dad life, I feel safe, and I can reach out to my children and they can reach out to me.

"So, I asked, they responded, and I have a playlist and Book Notes essay to share with you."