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The Anne Poirier (and Tim Drown) are on The Blank Slate Podcast.

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Not unlike Barbara Newman and Matt Fitzpatrick's recent appearances here on the blog, when the Anne Poirier normally graces a post on This Blog Will Change Your Life it's in her role as the author of The Body Joyful - My Journey from Self-Loathing to Self-Acceptance. And while it must be noted, that Anne recently, and gloriously, appeared on This Podcast Will Change Your Life in her role as author, her appearance here today (and by extension that of Tim Drown's as well) is because of her role, along with Tim, as the Founders of Shaping Perspectives, and their recent visit to The Blank Slate Podcast, which you may do here. Once again, I do not spend enough time promoting The Blank Slate Podcast here, but that will change in the coming months. Why? Because things are happening, that's why. In the interim please do enjoy Barbara's most excellent episode of podcast, Episode Sixty-Three - Saddle Your Own Horse, as well as Matt's appearance, Episode Sixty-One - Reimagination, also excellent, obviously, which you may do here and here respectively. Cool? Cool. And very good that.