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"Of course, Margot Kidder had to fall to Earth. No one had ever flown higher."

The Mike McClelland, yo.

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Excited to share "Remembering Margot Kidder: Hollywood Superwoman and Box Office Queen" by friend of the blog and all-around super writer dude and human Mike McClelland. Please do check it out at the Rolling Stone, yes that Rolling Stone, here, and do enjoy some excerpt below.


"I’m an ‘80s baby, so I grew up with Margot Kidder as my Lois Lane, even though I’m not sure that I watched those Superman movies until much later in life. But the first time I saw Margot Kidder, the first time I really took her all in, was sometime in the ‘90s, when I watched 1974’s Black Christmas, the Canadian thriller that many consider to be the first true slasher flick.

"I loved her from the very first frame."