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"What was the Mayflower story like for the women on that ship? What was the event like for the Natives in 1620 who found the desperate new settlers on the shores of Cape Cod?"

Kathryn Haueisen talks Mayflower Chronicles: The Tale of Two Cultures and the day her mid-life crisis ended at Past-Ten.

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Many thanks to Past-Ten for the Mayflower Chronicles: The Tale of Two Cultures post love. You you can read Kathy's full Past-Ten post here, as well as an excerpt of said post below. Mayflower Chronicles is being released on October 12th and we welcome interviews, reviews and promotional opportunities of any and all kinds. If you're down, please let me know and we'll make it happen. Post-haste. Thanks!

"t was a typical hot, humid Houston afternoon the day my mid-life crisis ended. That afternoon I dropped my ex-husband off at the airport to start his extended international trip. Our divorce had been finalized a few weeks earlier. I’d made arrangements to move out, but he threw another of his unpredictable tirades, insisting I’d promised to take care of the house in his absence. I didn’t really have anywhere else to go. The fifty-five plus community, where we’d bought this home a few months earlier, included a pool, walking trails and a miniature golf course - all useful for enticing grandkids to visit.

"I decided to stay the few months he’d be gone to regroup emotionally, financially, mentally, and even spiritually. I had to deal with the surreal situation of living with a man I’d just divorced for a few more weeks; but I was confident I could manage the awkwardness until he left.

"When I walked into the house after sending him off at the airport, a sense of peace and relief swept over me. It felt as refreshing as a gin and tonic on a triple-digit Houston afternoon. I’d done it. I’d ended the emotionally and mentally draining daily challenge of living with unpredictable moods. I didn’t know where I would go when he returned, but for that day and the next several months, I had a good home in a pleasant place to focus on writing."