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That time Men's Health asked me to interview filmmaker Yogi Roth, which resulted in the love that is "Why You Should Talk to Your Dad Like It's His Last Day on Earth."

And still one of my all-time favorite gigs (and people).

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The occasion was soon to be released "Life In a Walk," and the pleasure was most definitely all mine. If you'd like to read "Why You Should Talk to Your Dad Like It's His Last Day on Earth" you may do so here. And if you'd like some excerpt, you may do that below.

"When was the last time you took a walk with your father—a long walk—or did anything with him that didn’t involve watching football on television, or texting him, or whatever?

"Now, what if you found out your dad was sick, and he just might die tomorrow? Or if not tomorrow, sooner than you'd want. All you know for certain is that he's sick, and his dying is now a reality rather than just a vague concept, and you don’t know how or when it’s going to end.

"What would you do then?

"Yogi Roth knows. His father, Will, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He's kicking cancer's ass now, and the two of them are putting all of the positivity they can out into the universe.

I'm not afraid to admit it, I cried when I talked to Yogi. I wasn't really expecting to, but I guess he touched a nerve. My father had cancer, and he's no longer with us, and he’s not going to kick any more ass. I didn't call Yogi for our interview expecting to think about my dad or cry about my dad, but it happened anyway.

"He died and it sucks and it’s sad and all I have are my memories of him.

"So yeah, I cried. A lot. But that's okay.

"Yogi will tell you that there’s nothing wrong with crying, just like there's nothing wrong with slowing down and trying to be a little less alpha male.

"Still, you might now want to know, who the hell is Yogi Roth?"