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Grace Agnew and Sanctuary + Emory Easton and Mother, Can You Hear Me Now? are Maudlin House reviews.

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Excited I am to share both this Grace Agnew and Sanctuary review + Emory Easton and Mother, Can Your Hear Me Now? review at Maudlin House with you. You can find the reviews here and here respectively and read some excerpt below. Should you want to review Sanctuary or Mother, Can You Hear Me Now? or engage in any promotion really, please let me know and we will be happy to make that happen. Cool? Excellent. Thank you.



"Sanctuary boldens the idea of the Earth in a state of healing when left to her own devices; far from the industry and hand of mankind and how humans can search for a type of redemption after the turmoil, they have caused. It coaxes us to analyze our place in the world and the steps we must take to both exist consciously and purposively with the time we have been given."


"Emory Easton’s Mother Can You Hear Me Now? is a chronological celebration of life. Bittersweet and tender moments, unfathomable love, and traumatic loss; Easton brings us along on her recollection of all the heart-wrenching experiences life has offered and continues to offer her. She burrows into the depths of wanting to be loved and accepted and what we all conjure up in order to fill the voids that people can inevitably leave us with."