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That time I was "Story of a Poem by Matthew Zapruder: A Rumination" at LitReactor.

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Which is to say, you can read my revelatory review and think piece "Story of a Poem by Matthew Zapruder: A Rumination," here and / or you may also read some excerpt below. Cool? Excellent.


"I’m not sure it’s accurate to say that Story of a Poem by Matthew Zapruder found me when I needed it to find me. It feels more correct to say that things find us as they do–in this case I was out running and listening to the Otherppl podcast with Brad Listi and he was interviewing Zapruder about the book–and we make those things into what we need them to be.

"What I know is that their conversation spoke to me. There was a focus on parenting and writing, their respective fatherly triumphs and struggles with children born to different challenges, something I have not experienced, yet can still feel as a fellow father and a human. What really spoke to me, however, was how we, anyone, creates anything at all. That this spoke to me is not surprising, I spend most of my time thinking about how one crafts a creative life and what that can look like. That I am working on a new book which involves a conscious rumination and exploration on the act of creation and family–as well as a focus on a single film that speaks to this, well to me and my family–only further spoke to me.

"So let’s say it’s not that I was searching for such a resource, but I was primed to find something such as Story of a Poem and projected all that was in my head onto the work. Not that noting this makes the experience or need of discovering the book, much less reading the book, any less powerful."