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The Great Gimmelmans by the Lee Matthew Goldberg is pub day.

There is also conversation with the Sara Lippmann at P&T Knitwear on December 12th.

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The Great Gimmelmans by the Lee Matthew Goldberg is pub day. Kirkus Reviews says The Great Gimmelmans is, "An engaging dark comedy about the dangers of family ties." And the cover copy says this:

"Middle child Aaron Gimmelman watches as his family goes from a mild-mannered reform Jewish clan to having over a million dollars of stolen money stuffed in their RV’s cabinets while being pursued by the FBI and loan sharks. But it wasn’t always like that. His father Barry made a killing as a stockbroker, his mother Judith loved her collection of expensive hats, his older sister Steph was obsessed with pop stars, and little sister Jenny loved her stuffed possum, Seymour.

"After losing all their money in the Crash of 1987, the family starts stealing from convenience stores, but when they hit a bank, they realize the talent they possess. The money starts rolling in and brings the family closer together, whereas back at home, no one had any time for bonding due to their busy schedules. But Barry’s desire for more, more, more will take its toll on the Gimmelmans, and Aaron is forced into an impossible choice: turn against his father, or let his family fall apart.

"From Jersey, down to an Orthodox Jewish community in Florida where they hide out, and up to California, The Great Gimmelmans goes on a madcap ride through the 1980s. Filled with greed and love and the meaning of religion and tradition until the walls of the RV and the feds start closing in on the family, this thrilling literary tale mixes Michael Chabon and the Coen Brothers with equal parts humor and pathos."

I say Lee will be in conversation with the Sara Lippmann at P&T Knitwear on December 12th.

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I also say, let's do this, and by this I mean let's celebrate The Great all the ways.