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Hypertext Magazine asked Grace Agnew, author of Sanctuary, “what is the point of writing about climate change when there is nothing one person can do to change the catastrophe we are hurtling toward?”

And Grace answered that question. There is also excerpt.

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Many thanks to Hypertext for getting the Sanctuary book promotion train rolling. 

Sanctuary is debut eco scifi novel by author Grace Agnew and it's being released by Woodhall Press on September 7th. 

You can read Grace's Hypertext One Question post (and yes, her actual answer) here (as well as some excerpt from said answer below), and an excerpt from Sanctuary itself at Hypertext here.. 

Please note, that we welcome interviews, reviews and promotional opportunities of any and all kinds. So, if you're down with that, let me know and we'll make it happen. Post-haste. Thanks!


"When I realized the publication date for Sanctuary was looming, I set up an Instagram account and asked two friends who are accomplished writers to edit my first post. They gave me excellent notes, but I was taken aback by the distaste they couldn’t hide. Both said they would buy the book to support me, but they didn’t plan to read it.

"Why not? Too depressing. It’s too late. Unless we take drastic measures, and we’re not going to, there is nothing to be done. There is no point in even thinking about it. One friend said, I feel like you’re going to tell me to recycle.

"Of course, she already does recycle. We all recycle. We do what we can. And the world just keeps sliding toward the hell mouth of a climate changed world. The daily news is grim. It appears that the Gulfstream, which regulates so much of our weather, may be permanently disrupted. Might as well live for today, because tomorrow is going to be—well, you know. What can one person do to face that down?

"A lot."