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"For so many of us, we fantasize about how nice it would be to, even for a day, be able to slash the boss’ tires with impunity."

Wherein, Matt Fitzpatrick talks crime writing and Matriarch Game at Hypertext Magazine.

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Many thanks to Hypertext for getting the Matriarch Game book promotion train rolling. Matriarch Game is crime writer Matt Fitzpatrick's gritty and lyrical follow-up to his smashing debut Crosshairs. And it's being released on August 31st. You can read more of Matt's Hypertext One-Question post here, and an excerpt from Matriarch Game at Hypertext here, as well as an excerpt of said excerpt below. We welcome interviews, reviews and promotional opportunities of any and all kinds. If you're down, please let me know and we'll make it happen. Post-haste. Thanks!

"The early morning sunlight caught an angle on the blade, only to momentarily blind her and serve as a mirror ball to shine upon this red-neck dance floor.

"Michonne approached Miner slowly, and brought the instrument within three inches of this throat.

"Suddenly, he stirred and his arm grabbed Michonne as if he was awake all along and just playing possum. Miner Redd had damned good instincts. Otherwise, he would not have survived this long in his corner of the desolate swamp.

"While he wrestled with the little girl’s left hand, Michonne managed to slowly, methodically, and borderline artistically, drag the instrument along Miner’s flamingo-like gullet, thus relieving him of his pesky Adam’s Apple. A spurt of blood shot into her right eye, which she gently wiped away like a baby’s tear.

"Despite some brief gurgling coming from Miner’s throat, the action was swift, calm and quiet.

Michonne stepped back and looked at the results of her work which resembled that of a Kyoto sushi chef. In no way was she in shock or jarred. Rather, she gazed upon Miner’s pathetic, lifeless form like a great painter who stares at the completed work on a particularly gratifying canvas."