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“Grenade Bouquets charts the rollercoaster ride of a band primed to explode on the scene...”

Grenade Bouquets by Lee Matthew Goldberg is out in the world.

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All reviews, interviews, hype welcome. If interested in any of this (or anything else) please let me know. All that and additional description may be found below. Enjoy.


"I had stars in my eyes and I couldn’t see around them…The year is 1995 and my parents finally allowed me to take the summer to tour in a VW van across the country with my boyfriend Evan and our band. Yes, our band – my dream to be a singer was becoming reality. Even with Clarissa, Evan’s jealous ex-girlfriend, as the lead singer, it’s my presence on stage that leads us to a major record deal. There are moments you’ll always remember in life, but I can’t imagine anything more cool than hearing your song on the radio for the first time. But being a Rockstar isn’t as easy as it sounds. Alcohol and pot ended up being my coping mechanisms as I created tension with everyone around me, hurt my still blossoming relationship, and continued learning how to deal with my sister’s death. A love letter to the nineties and a journey of a girl becoming a woman, Grenade Bouquets charts the rollercoaster ride of a band primed to explode on the scene, as long as they keep from actually exploding. "

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