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In which LitReactor asks me to pick my Top Five favorite books of 2022 (which is not easy, or even pleasurable, but here we are, and not in any discernible order either).

· Ashley Marie Farmer,Jackson Bliss,Joe Meno,Mike DeCapite,Erika T Wurth
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I could certainly offer a number of caveats about the list, but the key caveat is this: it includes no books I was honored to promote. That said, I love these books and these authors and I'm also honored to be able to share said love with the masses (though do note, it also looks like I could have listed more than five books, sigh). As for the actual books (which are truly in no particular order), they are Dear Damage / Ashley Marie Farmer, Dream Pop Origami: A Permutational Memoir / Jackson Bliss, Jacket Weather / Mike DeCapite, White Horse / Erika T. Wurth and Book of Extraordinary Tragedies / Joe Meno. Should you wish to read more about my thoughts on these choices you may do so at LitReactor here. Should you not choose to do so, you may still read more about my thoughts on these choices at LitReactor here. Also, and as needed, some excerpt may be found below.


"Jacket Weather by Mike DeCapite

"Auto fiction, memoir, flash, and sketches, who knows, who cares, a love story, in love with words, New York City and love itself.

"White Horse by Erika T. Wurth

"A horror story that feels as real as the monsters in our heads, and suffused with all Wurth does so well— dread, humor, pain and the ever present threat of violence."