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"Greenhut’s writing pops off the page, and readers who enjoy literary fiction will want to pick up this debut."

The Hoarder's Wife by Deborah S. Greenhut is Booklist. And Pub Day is April 5th.

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Booklist clearly wants you to read The Hoarder's Wife by Deborah S. Greenhut.

And I quite agree with them. 

Pub Day is tomorrow, April 5th.

You can learn more about the book here

Also, do note that all reviews, interviews, hype are welcome. And if you're interested in any of this (or anything else) please let me know. All that and please do enjoy some cover copy below.

It wasn’t quite Marie Kondo meets Grey Gardens in The Women’s Room, but it was close. Professor Ludwig Berg hoarded; Grace Berg gave away as much as she could. During their thirty-five years of marriage, Luddy was all about the concrete, while abstract Grace sidelined her career in music because marriage and the family required it. At sixty, Grace divorced him to claim her space in the arts, but, by taking his own life, it seemed that Luddy had written the last movement of their relationship. Or did he? A symphony can have a coda. Following Luddy’s tragic suicide, Grace reunites with her sons in the house where her husband hoarded, reclaiming the literal journal of her adult life to make sense of how she came to be The Hoarder’s Wife so she can complete her abandoned concerto. Without this painful reckoning, she knows the music will never come. Every caregiver must reckon with the question of how much to give, if only Grace can learn to keep time.