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There is "Anita K. Newman: 'Never give up!' A Conversation with the debut Children’s Book Author" at LitReactor.

Clark the Colorblind Chameleon by Anita K. Newman will be released May 24, 2022.

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It's true, there is "Anita K. Newman: 'Never give up!' A Conversation with the debut Children’s Book Author" at LitReactor. You can read the interview in its entirety here and some excerpt below. 

Also, Clark the Colorblind Chameleon will be release on May 24, 2022.

You can learn more about the book here

Please note that all reviews, interviews and hype are welcome and if you're interested in providing any of this (or anything else) please let me know. All that and please do enjoy some cover copy below (and right before the interview excerpt from LitReactor).


How difficult would it be for a little chameleon that can’t change colors because he is colorblind? Clark The Colorblind Chameleon is a modern-day fable written for a Kindergarten class when they were targeting a child for his differences. This story is especially timely with the political atmosphere of intolerance for anyone who is different. Often those very differences lead to brilliant creations and new ways of viewing and understanding each other, ultimately enriching our lives. Clark almost gets caught by a hungry cat, as he is the only chameleon who turns the wrong color and can be seen. Through the help of  the Wise Chameleon, he learns how to work hard and push through his discouragement. After all his hard work, he not only can match colors, but discovers a talent for changing into fantastic colors no chameleon has ever done before.


What do you hope will happen with this book, and with many others waiting. What do you hope will happen for you? 

I hope this book becomes a staple in every Kindergarten and First Grade classroom. The message is not only about understanding those who may be different or have disabilities, it is also about grit and continuing to work on one's difficulties and problems. The message at the end of the book, "Never Give Up," is a powerful one not only for children, but also for adults. We all have difficulties and problems to surmount throughout our lives, and a mantra such as this can help us in many different situations. I hope this book will open the door so I can publish many of the children's books I have already written, and for those I intend to write! I am hoping to be able to publish the musicals I  have written and produced for young children to perform (children tested!). I believe in quality stories and songs, and have followed my beliefs in creating these musicals and stories.