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The Missing is Chicago Review of Books interview—and many thanks to the Jeremy T. Wilson for that.

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More specifically, The Missing is "Beginning with Ourselves: A Conversation with Ben Tanzer on The Missing,” which you may read here. You may also read some excerpt below. Cool? Quite so, I'd say.

Jeremy T. Wilson

Gabriel says: “I don’t have meaning in my life, and I don’t know how to find it.” How do we find it?

Ben Tanzer

On the one hand, trying to find the meaning in our lives is a losing game because the meaning keeps changing as we do, and we’re always changing. It’s how life works, and so the trap for someone like Gabriel—for most of us—is not understanding this. The goal is to be as present as one can be, not too attached to the past, as my characters tend to be, nor too focused on the future, as I tend to be. That’s the real achievement. That and seeking to understand our why—not why we’re here, but why we get out of bed in the morning at all, what we’re passionate about, and how we pursue it. We can put a lot of pressure on our why being something important and meaningful to the universe, but I would suggest we have to start with ourselves. What brings us energy and how do we make that mean something to us every day? Meaning results from being the best versions of ourselves. This takes work, of course, yet the pay-off—which is finding contentment and at least a modicum of equanimity—is worth it.