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That time I tried to make sense of Rob Van Winkle.

· Vanilla Ice,Barrelhouse,Rob Van Winkle,I AM,Books
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I really did try. It was in Barrelhouse, the piece was titled "Ding" (it was also later included in the chapbook I AM) and you can find it here. Please take a look, let me know what you think and feel free to enjoy some excerpt below.

"If there is a problem, yo, I’ll resolve it, check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.

It has always been about love, seriously, straight up, love of music, love of words, language, telling stories and making people happy, all up on their feets and loving life. And I do love everyone, even the haters, the liars, the disparagers and those big pimpin’ motherfuckers who will do anything to bring someone down the second they get any kind of props.
"Which is why I never got it, I don’t get it and never will. I can’t fathom it really, truthfully, none of it. Some of y’all will say I’m not willing to get it, that the shit is obvious, obvious to everyone but me. But to that I say, why am I a joke? I didn’t kill no ones, I didn’t rape no ones, I didn’t lie and I didn’t steal. I kept it real yo, legit.

"So what up?

"And please, please don’t tell me it’s about that beat. Because if it is, all y’all can seriously go fuck yourselves and your mothers. It is not the same beat and it never was. You gotta listen more closely and shit. There’s a little bitty change there. Their’s is all ding ding da da ding ding and mine’s goes ding ding da da ding ding ding.

"You hear that right? There’s an extra ding there at the end. We changed it. We made it real. We made it our own. And we made it street. We spoke to the people in a language they understood and they believed in us, and they loved us, from New York to the Golden Gate.

"That fucking tune was the first number one song by any rapper, anywhere, be they white, black, yellow, striped, fucking green, covered in polka dots, whatever, wherever. And so don’t I deserve some respect for that? Didn’t I earn it, right?"