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Mike Keren and Four Funerals, No Marriage are 5959 Chicago Tonight, November 10th at 7 PM CST.


(Beth Splaine and Swan Song are November 16th.)

· Mike Keren,Elizabeth Splaine,5959 Chicago,Swan Song,Woodhall Press
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The 5959 Chicago's Authors & Ideas series brings authors, publishers and educators together for year-round author talks, lectures, workshops and more. Tonight's guest is none other than the Mike Keren talking about Four Funerals, No Marriage, among other things, and you may learn more and register here. Beth Splaine (and Swan Song) will be the guest on November 16th, and you may learn more and register for that event here. Please do check it out and if you'd like either Mike or Beth to speak at your events, please let us know and we'll make that happen post-haste.

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