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Please join me at Printers Row Lit Fest this Sunday, September 10th @ 1 PM where I'll be in conversation with New Mexico State Senator Bill O'Neill, Elizabeth Strauss Friedman & David Masciotra for the panel Literature and Poetry in Contemporary Politics.

· 2023 Printers Row Lit Fest,Printers Row,Bill ONeill,David Masciotra,Elizabeth Strauss Friedman
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To be clear, to say I'm honored to be part of this conversation is an understatement. Friend and client Senator O'Neill's work ranges from novels to plays and poetry, notably collection The Definition of Empty, Elizabeth Strauss Friedman's writing includes the poetry collection The Lost Positive, and David Masciotra a long time friend of this blog and This Podcast Will Change Your Life has published numerous works of nonfiction, most recently I Am Somebody: Why Jesse Jackson Matters. The panel will be held at 731 South Plymouth Court and more details on the panel, as well as the 2023 Printers Row Lit Fest can be found here. Will joining us for this panel change your life? Clearly.